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war of hearts 

a collection of contemporary romances


Behind Darkness Duet

(1) Behind the Broken - 02.13.24

(2) Untitled - TBA

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behind the broken
-behind darkness book one-


A darkly heart-wrenching, swoon-worthy contemporary romance debut from Chloe C. Peñaranda. Book one of the Behind Darkness duet will leave you on the edge of your seat for the sequel to Rhett and Ana's tension filled, emotional story.

No one expects an angel to buy a ticket to hell. 


I would have lived my life the righteous way, but my path of vengeance forced me to become the monster my uncle wanted to create. When I lie my way into playing bodyguard for the senator’s daughter, I don’t expect our fires to cross or to become addicted to the blaze. Anastasia Kinsley burns the ice that froze my heart years ago, but I need to find the will to resist. Chained up in the devil’s playground, I won’t let myself lose again. 


When the devil came I couldn’t resist. 


As the daughter of a hopeful new president, my life often doesn’t feel like my own. When my father assigns me a bodyguard during the run-up to the election, I’m determined to make sure they both see exactly why I don’t need their protection. But Rhett Kaiser is . . . unexpected. He ignites a match in me I didn’t know I held, and the closer we get, the more I’m drawn to use it to discover what lies behind his icy exterior.

morally grey mmc

underworld/ elite society

bodyguard romance

This book is not dark romance between the main couple, but touches on some dark subject matter in the plot and backstories of certain characters.

Your mental heath matters. This book contains the following subject matter:

Violence, death, and murder, loss and grief, suicide ideation, human trafficking, corrupt politics, explicit sexual scenes, mentions of captive abuse.

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