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You will enjoy AHCTR if you liked....

I'm going to share some of the books and series I've fell in love with that also fit the same genre and audience as my own An Heir comes to Rise novel.

Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Graceling, Red Queen, Hush Hush, A Cruel Prince & More!

I have the greatest respect and admiration for these authors and many more. Their stories are compelling, their characters are diverse and I would recommend these books for anyone needing a gripping fantasy tale to escape reality for a while.

I have to pay them tribute for inspiring my own creation of An Heir comes to Rise. I've enjoyed many types of fantasy novels over the years, but I have to admit I am a sucker for a strong female protagonist which makes Throne of Glass one of my all time favourites. Patch and Nora from 'Hush Hush' is a throwback for me and one of the first fantasy stories that stole my heart.

Check out the 'Books' tab for a summary of An Heir comes to Rise and feel free to read the sample and let me know what you think! Everything counts towards my goal to get the first instalment of the series to paper and ebook.

Share you own thoughts and recommendations on novels you've enjoyed!

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